Sitka Technology Group provides knowledge-based infrastructures for conservation, restoration, and sustainable development. We specialize in supporting clients who work in medium to large-scale environments, whether a watershed or a metropolitan area.

The knowledge infrastructures we design deliver three types of value:

  1. Realizing operational efficiencies
  2. Turning field data into actionable intelligence
  3. Tracking performance against social and ecological goals

Simply put, Sitka’s systems allow scientists to spend more time being scientists and decision makers to be more effective in making decisions.

Since being founded in 2008, we have benefited from ongoing relationships with numerous leading conservation, restoration, and sustainability organizations throughout the US and the world. We work hard, stay lean, and proudly combine the productivity of a for-profit with the values of a non-profit.

Contact Information

Matt Deniston
Partner, Sitka Technology Group
t: 503.808.1204

Brian Knowles
Partner, Sitka Technology Group
t: 503.808.1206

Keith Steele
Partner, Sitka Technology Group
t: 503.808.1205

Damon Knight
Marketing Manager, Sitka Technology Group
t: 503.808.1209


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